Guest blog from Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, with tips for your essay

Guest blog from Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, with tips for your essay.


Thoughts For The Week


The perk about a gate runner isn’t that you get to handle expensive alcohol.

It’s the part about bypassing long queues. xD

I literally go through the line, saying here and there, “Duty-free! ‘Scuse me, sir, m’am, Duty-free!”

And then they move away.

That aside, it’s been one heck of a week. President is away for a few days, so I’m left to the house chores, given that Parliament is generally incapable of managing the house. Holding the job and the restaurant together is too much for me, so…

I quit, again.

The first time I ever quit a job was the Flyer Distributor job, the one which paid a $6/hour. At least that was good, because half the time me and the others were spending inside the back room, slacking and sleeping 😀

Now this one at the restaurant, of which I have no picture (yet), will be the second one I’m quitting voluntarily.

I never chose it of my will, but rather through contacts, and President’s insistence I take up one more job. You know, to maximise my time, earn as much money, blah blah.

But the restaurant is in Sentosa. Where again? セントサ. 圣淘沙. Please!

The bus and train fare works to $1.72 each trip, or $3.44 a day. I’m paid $6 an hour normally. In other words, I’m bleeding money before I’ve even earned it, because the salary is paid every two weeks.

This isn’t a rant against the job, this is a rant against jobs. What kind of income does a person have if he has no private transportation of his own? How much expenses does he have to pay before getting money back. For a good two weeks or so, I was paying to work!

(And precisely because of this, I feel so bad accepting money from President and Parliament, when it should be reversed.)

To be fair, I’ve earned nearly $500 from the popular job, which I worked three weeks. But, the money I earned in two weeks of the restaurant is $160, give or take a few dollars.

The salary I’m earning a week for the restaurant is so marginal I’m better off at popular, if I used time spent instead of money earned!

Even then, what can I do with the money I earned? Spend it on myself? I have far from enough to get a motorbike…neither do I want to buy the Sakurasou or Oreimo volumes when I haven’t even finished the first.

Ironically, V-day would have given me a solid reason to spend all that money. Or CNY. (Which reminds me, I need to fill in two angpow for P&P.)

Singlehood is the reason why I even have time for a second job. And my side projects too, but this is a little more debatable…

Having never being in a real relationship..I guess, my fanfic projects lack depth. They go through personal growth, but the whole falling-in-love part, it’s coming across as forced and unnatural to me.

And then there’s the RL part, having no love nor lover. It’s not that there’s a hole in the heart, but rather a terribly acute sense of incompleteness. Like a three-course meal less the wine and water, a car minus its passengers and goods. The whole can be more complete.

No doubt I am able to survive, but can I live?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and once again I see an overflow of roses and chocolates disproportionately flowing to one gender. In the coming weeks, the next outbreaks shall be of pimples and withered petals.

(As a personal preference, you pretty much win me over with a cup of a teh si less sugar, and my favourite snack of seaweed, minimum seven packets. :P)

What’s with this whole business anyway! Who said that February 14 is the only day for lovers? Where is it stated in ink and wax, that “On the fourteenth of the second month, thou shall gift roses and chocolates, and no more.”?

If not for the fable of St Valentine and all, I might have simply dismissed this as a capitalist plot to support the rose cultivators and chocolate makers. Oh wait, by writing all this, I am!

I’d much rather gift books or photographs. As in, printed photographs in frames. Call me old-fashioned, but I certainly don’t see anyone eating framed photographs, right? And who actually keeps the roses? I bet the garbage clearers run their own experiments, seeing who can make more rose syrup from all the petals, LOL.

Are we so hung up on the idea that a tangible thing must be given for the sake of an intangible concept? If I buy something, I’d better see it often!

And then, the date itself. Is V-day the only day for lovers? Thought not. Hypothetically, if I ever had a significant other, any day I’m not working is already one precious day.

To quote William Allen White (YESH i found his name):

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.

If, IF someone chooses or accepts me, then most certainly it is an occasion for joy.

If not, then…simple logic is the answer. I have not gained anything, but neither have I lost anything.

Try telling that to the poor souls who bought giant stuffed teddy bears and all that, though.



Well clearly, I’m surrounded by boxes and boxes of…well, alcohol. No, they’re not mine, I hate the taste. But it’s my workplace…

This is my part-time job as a Gate Runner. Basically, people buy alcohol, and if their country’s laws says they can’t carry it to the boarding gate, then I do it for them.

Something more interesting to me, though, is the one job I voluntarily signed up for: Translation.

Thanks to the same person who introduced to me Vocaloid, and rekindled my passion for all things animated, to dream a dream I’ve since forgotten..

Translation is not the thing I really want to do. But it is part of what I must do to do what I want to. Dreams don’t die and I believe that.

Now that I am more in touch with myself and the accelerated world internet, I hope to post more often here too, in between translations at here.

Using my screen name again. I don’t want to choose a new one for consistency.

Ah…it’s so late at night…

Post A Level Thoughts And Projects

Angry Red Kings


So, it’s been a month since the Advanced Levels are over (:

It’s frightening me, frankly, if you ask if I can remember anything left.

I think, if I can remember how to go about solving a simple mathematics problem (say, vectors), I’m very happy already.

Now, onto a happier note…

Now that I’m freed of studying, I finally have the time to take up my side projects!

Thanks to Cheryl, I managed to revive my interest in anime and also learn about the Vocaloid series. From there, I’ve got three side projects:

Fanfictions: I’m writing two of them at the same time.One is Black Rock Shooter x Halo Crossover (click title for link!). Banking on my obsessive interest in Halo, I’m combining BRS, and Original Character, and some other guys and fusing it with canon, making it (hopefully) a good, riveting story to keep fellow fans satisfied.

On a more personal note, something has always fascinated me, the idea of one half of a couple stranded on an inaccessible place, aka Ringworld. Rip = Release always invokes this captivating image in me. The cry for help through space that seems vain in comparison to the infinite blackness…okay, deviating.

The other fanfic is an Accel World Canon Story, The Untold Story Of The Chrome Disasters. There’s no link yet, since I haven’t written it, but the chapters are coming up as soon as my beta reader friend-of-a-friend can scan through the drafts.

Finally, I’m working on an Anime Music Video for Sword Art Online! Not too much spoilers, but the central theme is “What will you do in the virtual world?”

That’s all for today, I really, really, really want to use the massage chair. Distributing fliers for hours at a stretch is no joke. I seriously respect those guys now.